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Tree Stump Grinding Cost

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

Tree stump grinding will cost from £80 right up to £900. The national UK average is £95 per stump. The price difference is determined mostly by the diameter of the stump and number of stumps, but other factors like access and root spread do play a role.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the various sizes of stumps and how much they will cost to grind, as well as DIY to professional comparison, hiring costs and everything in between.


You will not be hard-pressed to find a local tree stump grinding company eager to remove your stump. You will struggle to find one at a reasonable price. Contractors seem to write their own ticket these days so it is tough knowing where to look and who to go with.

Tree Surgeon Near Me is a FREE service that tracks the prices of local stump grinding companies and helps you find the 3 best prices businesses closest to you.

How it works is we get hundreds of stump grinding quote requests every week and match customers with local contractors. Those customers then let us know when gave them the best prices.

Based on those votes, we have a real-time list of the best-priced professionals local to you.

All you need to do is fill out the quick form below, tell us a little more about your stump grinding job, and we ask the local companies voted best priced to price your job also.

They should be able to give you a price over the phone.

Try it now.


Calculate the cost of stump grinding

To calculate the cost of stump grinding take the diameter in centimetres and multiply it by three *3). That will give you a starting price.

Formula: Cost = Diameter x 3

Example: 25cm x 3 = £75
120cm x 3 =£360

As mentioned above, everyone seems to be charging different prices for the same service. If you go with the wrong service you can wind up paying 300% more for the same job.

The above is a starting price for an easy to get to stump in the front yard of a property.

There are other factors that will increase the cost, so to include them, you will need to multiply your diameter x 4.5.

Formula 2: Diameter x 3 – 4.5

Example: 85cm x 3 – 4.5 = £255 – £380


Average prices for stump grinding

These prices are for the grinding of the stump only and do not include the removal of the fine shavings created. Those are left on site but raked neatly across the garden.


What adds to stump grinding cost?

There are several things that add to the price of stump grinding, but the main one is access. The stump grinding machine is very large and very heavy so things like:

  • Steps
  • Proximity to windows or other breakables
  • Narrow access
  • Underground services
  • Raised garden bed

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